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Challenge: To raise awareness of electric vehicles and break down barriers to electric driving.

What we did: Busting myths and getting people into electric vehicles were the key aims of our Why Not Electric marketing campaign which we launched during the summer of 2012.

Running for 6 weeks, the campaign promoted the benefits of electric driving, particularly the financial benefits and will tackle some of the common myths surrounding going electric – prompting people to ask themselves: Why Not Electric?

The campaign was aimed at private drivers (affluent, professionals, early adopters) and business drivers – both company car owners and those who had fleet or pool cars as part of their business.

Activity channels were wide-ranging and included everything from a sponsorship from Capital Radio, press advertising, bus backs and parking ticket ads, online and PPC, events and roadshows and a supporting PR campaign. Supporting the campaign was a dedicated website which contained a range of tools to encourage people to find out more about electric vehicles including an online calculator to work out fuel savings, information on the models available, a competition linked to social media and the opportunity to book a test drive. Over 100 people took the opportunity to book a test drive during the campaign and we worked with local dealerships to deliver this.

The result: Our market research at the end of the campaign, showed us that 19% of those surveyed would consider an electric vehicle as their next car.

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