West Yorkshire Combined Authority

PROJECT: Supporting the scoping and delivery of EV charging infrastructure


Challenge: West Yorkshire commissioned a detailed feasibility study of potential locations for charging infrastructure in support of their electric vehicle strategy.

What we did: In 2016, Zero Carbon Futures was commissioned to assess the feasibility of 60 locations throughout the West Yorkshire area for their suitability for charging infrastructure.

The study assessed each location individually investigating the type of charge points required; the suitable quantity and any additional energy supply requirements.

As part of the project, ZCF also considered the use type (customers, dwell time and power) and likely demand at each site. We were then able to make detailed recommendations on each location categorising each by use case and also ensuring each location could be future proofed to meet increasing demand. Each site was costed individually and ZCF then advised on the best value charging options.

 “Our experience of working with Zero Carbon Futures has helped us to develop a coherent strategy for West Yorkshire’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Their knowledge and experience in the industry coupled with their significant number of contacts provided us with a fully-costed plan for moving forward.”

Alistair Ryder, Integrated Transport, West Yorkshire Combined Authority

The result: The output of the study included site survey results, site drawings and costings including DNO quotations for each location, alongside a full set of recommendations for the next steps for West Yorkshire’s charging network.

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