The Rapid Charge Network

PROJECT VALUE: €7 million


Nissan, BMW, ESB, Renault, VW and Newcastle University

Challenge: To develop a network of multi-standard rapid charge points across the UK and into Ireland.

What we did: Zero Carbon Futures was commissioned by Nissan to develop a bid and then manage the Rapid Charge Network project which was funded by the European Union’s TEN-T programme. The project set about developing a network of rapid charge points along the main motorways of the UK covering the A14 down in Ipswich right up to the A74 in Scotland. The network was suitable for all electric vehicles and the project aimed to break down one of the major barriers to the uptake of EVs.

The role for Zero Carbon Futures was varied. Our project management covered both the installation of the 74 charge points, dealing with multiple stakeholders throughout the project but we also played a critical role in monitoring and reporting on process for all partners involved and the European Union. A key objective for the EU was to ensure that we shared the knowledge gained from the project with other countries and we also took the lead role in all communications and dissemination activity which covered a number of European conferences; a dedicated website; publications on the project and digital communications.

Result: A fully developed network of 74 rapid charge points.

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