Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Councils

PROJECT: Electric Vehicle infrastructure study and stakeholder engagement


Challenge: To assist Staffordshire County Council, its districts and Stoke-on-Trent to develop a prioritised, locally relevant EV infrastructure strategy to guide future action and investment for the area.

What we did:

Zero Carbon Futures (ZCF) was commissioned through AECOM to support the development of an EV strategy for the region. The partners needed support to inform the approach of the County Council and partners towards supporting and promoting electric vehicles and appropriate charging infrastructure. The requirement was to advise on realistic requirements and identify a range of measures that could be incorporated into the planning system; that could be promoted to the general public; and took input from a range of stakeholders.

ZCF’s first task was to carry out a baseline study to assess plug-in vehicle uptake in the region to date and demand for its existing charging estate. This included information about electric vehicle capabilities and availability, charging infrastructure suitability and funding. Together this package of information enable the Council to make informed decisions regarding the development of an appropriate strategy for the region.

Complementing this study, ZCF also undertook a public survey to assess the EV knowledge and awareness of Staffordshire area residents and the potential need for public charging infrastructure. The study received almost 300 responses.

Drawing the results of both elements of the project together, ZCF delivered two stakeholder workshops. One aimed at council decision makers and councillors with relevant portfolio responsibility providing the facts about EVs and charging, dispelling myths and providing a realistic view on requirements, to guide support for an effective e-mobility strategy. The second workshop will take the form of a more practical advice session aimed at planners and policy representatives with transport, environmental and business objectives, to increase their knowledge and to ensure that they are best placed to implement the recommendations of the strategy.

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