Sheffield City Council

PROJECT: Feasibility study on rapid charging roll-out for taxis


Challenge: Sheffield City Council was successful in securing funding from the Early Measures Fund to develop an EV taxi trial and commissioned ZCF to advise on the infrastructure required.

What we did:

To support Sheffield City Council to make an informed decision on the location of rapid charge points, ZCF were tasked with the assessment of 30 potential locations.

Working with the team at Sheffield City Council, ZCF drew up assessment criteria for each location. This took into account conditions such as the likely demand for a site, power availability, accessibility for drivers, site ownership and most importantly the cost of a site installation to ensure value for money. From there, we undertook desk based research to assess each location using a scoring matrix and documented each site.

Midway through our partnership, OLEV announced that they were launching their Taxi Fund programme. ZCF provided a briefing to the team at Sheffield on launch of the fund and were then commissioned to help the city to meet the requirements of the funding round. Supporting the bid, we helped the city to understand the requirements of taxi drivers for EV charging and to demonstrate to the funders that they had a thoroughly assessed the local area to identify the best locations for driver’s needs. ZCF also developed a procurement specification which allowed us to collate all the costs required for rapid infrastructure roll-out to be included in the bid. This included costs for equipment, installation, DNO connections as well as ongoing operation and maintenance. 

Although, at present, Sheffield’s priority is to roll-out EV infrastructure for the electric taxi market, the rapid charge network will also form part of a wider public charging strategy for the future. Our final report therefore highlighted the twelve primary locations for the installation of rapid charge points for the taxi trial as well as providing recommendations for all 30 sites outlining the feasibility of each for future infrastructure. An implementation and procurement plan was also provided to assist with Sheffield’s wider roll-out plan.

The result:

A comprehensive assessment of the most desirable locations for electric taxi charging across Sheffield as well as a plan for the procurement and implementation of the charging infrastructure to support the City’s electric taxi trial.

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