PROJECT: Promoting electric vehicles to the workforce

Challenge: Nestle were interested in introducing an electric vehicle staff salary scheme into their sites across the UK but wished to understand the potential uptake and understand the infrastructure required to meet the demand.

What we did: Nestle has an aspiration to become the greenest and most sustainable food and beverage manufacturer in the UK. Having already built up a good relationship with Nestle in Newcastle upon Tyne, through our work on the North East Plugged in Places programme, Zero Carbon Futures was invited to lead on a scoping exercise. The result of which would assist the company with their investigations into infrastructure and EV packages for their staff.

We were commissioned to carry out a national scoping exercise to determine the volume and type of charging infrastructure required at each Nestle site and the estimated associated costs, with recommendations for the provision of advice / education to employees considering using an EV.

The project was to initially provide an analysis of the potential take up across 10 Nestle sites in the UK and to determine what this would translate into in terms of infrastructure requirements at each site, to support the uptake by staff.

Analysis was carried out based on our knowledge and expertise in workplace EV and infrastructure uptake and, combined with employee numbers across Nestle sites, we were able to put forward a report determining the expected uptake of EV by their staff. The report also included infrastructure recommendations including associated costs, potential funding, timescales, charge point type and volume for each site.

A package of how Zero Carbon Futures could also support the plan through awareness raising sessions was also delivered as part of this proposal.

Result: The findings were presented to management and other industry stakeholders at a Nestle Sustainability event, held at Nestle offices in York in late 2015.

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