EA Technology

PROJECT: Supporting the My Electric Avenue project

Challenge:  To support EA Technology on their My Electric Avenue project by recruiting trial participants in North East England as well as project managing the charge point installs across the UK.

What we did: My Electric Avenue was a project led by EA Technology with the overall objective to trial a solution to the impact on the electricity grid when multiple electric vehicles were charging at the same time. The project sought to trial Esprit which was designed to support the electricity network by curtailing the charging of electric vehicles charging on a single network, in order to balance out charging time and reduce the strain on the electricity network during peak times.

To do this the project needed a minimum of 100 technical trial participants in the form of at least 7 clusters of 10 or more participants on each cluster which were all fed by the same local electricity feeder. A challenging remit indeed!   Zero Carbon Futures’ role was to engage with the public in the North of England and to recruit them onto the trials. Supporting the national project PR, Zero Carbon Futures ran a regionalised PR and marketing campaign to raise public awareness and drive interest in the North. Once we began to receive expressions of interest, we took to the streets of the North hosting and attending events, community test drives and information sessions to give people the chance to find out more.   Once the project successfully recruited all its clusters, our role was then to co-ordinate the installation of the Esprit technology and the charge points into properties. Working with install partners, we liaised with the clusters and individual home owners to book in all 100 installs as well as one workplace install.

Result: By March 2014 the project team brought together 10 clusters across the UK of which five were based in the north of England and recruited by Zero Carbon Futures. This exceeded the target we had been set.   ZCF has been part of a well formed partnership as part of this project which has certainly helped raise the public’s awareness of EV and of the possible solutions to risks for the local electricity networks.

To find out more: visit the My Electric Avenue project website

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