Milton Keynes Council

PROJECT: Project managing Milton Keynes’ Go Ultra Low programme

Challenge: To support Milton Keynes in their vision to be one of the UK’s most EV friendly cities through the project management of their successful Go Ultra Low City programme.

What we did:

In 2016, Milton Keynes was named by the UK Government as one of four ‘Go Ultra Low’ cities. The award brought a £9 million investment into the area allowing the development of a range of initiatives to make the city into one of the most EV-ready cities.

ZCF was commissioned, over a 5-year period, as project manager for the programme. Since 2017, the company has worked to support the Council and oversee and report on the project’s key strands which include the development of the City’s EV charge point infrastructure, the EV Experience Centre, innovation and Highways work to support the programme.

Our project management role provides full support to the Council, setting targets for each of the project strands, monitoring and evaluating each to ensure that programme is on target to meet its objectives and is delivered on time and to budget.

As part of the process we are providing detailed reports to OLEV (UK Government) as the main funder. ZCF is also responsible for the dissemination of the project – both to stakeholders and the general public and this has included user engagement and survey work to understand driver’s awareness of electric vehicles and their requirements for a future shift in behaviour.

As part of the EV charge point infrastructure strand, the team has been heavily involved to support the growth of Milton Keynes’ current network. We have set up and promoted a number of grant offers for a range of different locations including leisure facilities and destinations, workplaces and residential locations to cater for those with no access to off-street parking. ZCF developed an application process for each and assess each location for its feasibility.

The team work closely with an installation partner and have overseen the specification, surveys and installation process. This includes the development of two EV charging filling stations and a number of EV charging hubs at strategic locations on key roads into the City.


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