London Legacy Development Corporation

PROJECT: Providing recommendations for an appropriate EV charging strategy for the future of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Challenge: ZCF was commissioned by London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) in September 2019 to develop an appropriate action plan for the deployment of EV infrastructure in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park up to 2025. The Park is a diverse area covering a business zone, multiple high profile venues and attractions as well as residential areas. LLDC has a wide range of stakeholders, including the Mayor of London, GLA, TfL and the four neighbouring borough councils who engaged and were involved throughout the commission.​

What we did: Our work began with a review of existing intelligence to set a baseline position regarding EV uptake in the Park. This considered EV growth forecasts, demographics, housing stock and parking demand in the Park’s surrounding boroughs alongside development plans for the area to 2025. This set the context for the strategy considering the likely audience for charging facilities. A review of London’s electric vehicle infrastructure delivery plan and discussions with TfL gave us a view of the wider London approach which could be complemented by LLDC.

Through stakeholder engagement, including a stakeholder workshop, user needs were mapped and locations discussed which allowed us to identify some of the opportunities and challenges these could present for charge point deployment and continuing operation.

In order to decide where chargers should be situated around the Park, we considered a number of elements. This included the intended growth of the Park’s facilities (both residential and non-residential), the range of electricity sub-stations with available capacity, the available space and accessibility considerations, existing and upcoming regulations and the likely mixed-user recharging requirements. The commission also reviewed the opportunities for residential areas without off-street parking and made appropriate recommendations.

The result: An action plan for the deployment of electric vehicle infrastructure which was based on forecasted demand for the Park and local energy constraints. The report identified a prime location for the development of a charging hub which fit the environmental credentials of LLDC by linking with other forms of sustainable travel. Recommendations covered location options; type; operational models and an overview of funding and private investment opportunities.


“Working with Zero Carbon Futures on the development of the London Legacy Development Corporation’s EV Charging Plan has been a great experience. ZCF were professional and knowledgeable throughout, really listening to what we needed and the result has been a practical plan with clear areas where LLDC can take action but also support others.”

Victoria Thorns, Community and Sustainability Manager, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park


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