Transport for Greater Manchester

PROJECT: Assessment of charging infrastructure use and recommends for the future.


Challenge:To support Manchester with the ongoing development of their charging network.

What we did: 

Zero Carbon Futures (ZCF) was commissioned by Jacobs UK Limited to provide advice to TfGM on the Greater Manchester Electric Vehicle (GMEV) charging network.

The work was driven by the authority’s Clean Air Strategy and the team wished to undertake an assessment of the impact of road transport in the area, especially in regards to taxis, and the requirements to secure the area’s mission to be an EV friendly location.

We conducted an initial in-depth study of GMEV charging activity since its launch in 2013 reviewing demand and identifying hot spots of areas with high use. Complementing this work, we also looked at vehicle uptake in the region, compared it with similar areas and reviewed the impact that likely changes in technology would have on both the existing network and any new locations. This set a benchmark on charging infrastructure to date and informed the future strategy.

From there, key locations across the TfGM greater area were identified. The authority, in particular, wished to identify locations which would support the growth of the EV taxi market using funding awarded by Early Measures and OLEV’s taxi fund.

To support this bid, ZCF carried out site feasibility studies to prioritise locations in which to grow the network and also advised on a procurement strategy to operate and maintain the existing GMEV network whilst growing it for the future.

The result: 24 priority locations for rapid chargers were identified across the local authority areas in the Greater Manchester region. 


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