Collaborative projects fund

PROJECT VALUE: £2 million


North East EV sector

Challenge: To provide grant funding to SMEs and research partners in the EV sector of the North East.

What we did:

As part of our successful Regional Growth Fund programme, we developed an innovative idea to support SMEs and technology developers in the region. The Collaborative Projects Fund was a fund developed by Zero Carbon Futures which provided grant funding for R&D, near market collaborative projects between SMEs and research or technology partners based in the North East.

The £2 million fund offered grants of between £50,000 and £300,000 towards the cost of bringing new products to market in the field of low emission transport and infrastructure development.

Companies in the region bid to a panel of independent experts for the funding which supported collaborations between SMEs with product development support needs, and knowledge based partners such as R&D organisations, businesses, universities, technology partners, customers or partner companies.

The fund aimed to support the development of the EV sector in the region and help the region to maintain its strong reputation in this field.

Zero Carbon Futures not only were responsible for project managing the entire fund but they also oversaw all marketing and communications around its availability, running events, developing a dedicated website and managing PR around the successful projects.

Successful bidders included organisations such as Hyperdrive Innovation, Sevcon, AVID and Route Monkey.


Nine Collaborative Projects awarded funding between March 2013 and Jan 2014 and 77 jobs were created through those successful projects.

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