Cardiff Council

PROJECT: Developing an EV infrastrcture strategy

Challenge: Cardiff was named as one of the most polluted cities in the UK in a report investigating the impact of climate change on health in 2018. The city’s planned growth also has the potential to add to this, placing additional strain on the transport network and exacerbating harmful emissions.

Cardiff Council, therefore, wished to explore options for providing cleaner and more sustainable transport options for the City and in their Transport and Clean Air Green Paper made a number of proposals to improve transport and air quality in Cardiff including the intended growth of electric vehicle ownership.

What we did: Over the last 18 months, Zero Carbon Futures and Arcadis have worked together on an ongoing programme of support to help Cardiff Council meet the ambitions of their strategy.

Our partnership began in early 2018 as we were commissioned to undertake an EV charging feasibility study for the city. The objective of the study was to develop recommendations for a Cardiff charging strategy taking into account European, UK and Welsh transport policy and the opportunities and requirements for action at a local level.

A key part of this work was to take into account a range of available insights including vehicle forecasts, demographics, travel behaviour as well as local knowledge, and provide recommendations for the first steps in implementing the most suitable charging infrastructure solution for the City. The recommendations covered a variety of charge point location types which included residential, city centre and rapid recharging facilities.

After reviewing the recommendations set out in the feasibility study, Cardiff Council decided to make a bid to OLEV to support the development of the residential charging locations. Again, we were commissioned to support this process undertaking desk research as well as driver surveys with the local population to help identify suitable locations and to devise a procurement plan and identify suitable suppliers.

As the OLEV grant application was successful, our final piece of work to date has been to support the implementation of the residential charge point project by managing procurement and delivery of a comprehensive network of neighbourhood chargers.

The result: A continued relationship with Cardiff Council has allowed us to support the translation of their e-mobility strategy by supporting the first stage of the City’s charge point infrastructure.

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