APC 5 Propulsion innovation

PROJECT VALUE: £9.1 million with a £4.7m grant 


Large OEM partner, Huttenes-Albertus (UK) Ltd, Lighthouse Systems Ltd, Beta Technologies Limited, Brunel University, Zero Carbon Futures.

Challenge: Deliver innovative low carbon propulsion technologies that will deliver significant reductions in vehicle emissions compared to current best-in-class technologies, and have the capability to develop the UK’s low carbon vehicle technology supply chain.

What we are doing:

The aim of the project is the deployment of Alloy technology to provide next-generation engine and vehicle components, and exploiting the UK’s expertise for global benefit while increasing capability of the UK in component casting.

Brunel University’s BCAST facility will conduct research into an ideal alloy for future products. The project will also focus on developing an ideal manufacturing system. Beta Technology will support the trails and research into ideal casting alloys.

Project Partner Huttenes-Albertus will enable access to additive manufacturing technologies and access to training facilities where industry workers can gain practical experience in new machinery at their Centre of Competency in Hanover, Germany.

Project partner SME Lighthouse Systems Ltd will provide Manufacturing Execution System solutions to improve manufacturing performance on the shop-floor.

As well as administering the project, ZCF will be developing a framework of training to support staff working in casting, as well as the wider dissemination of the casting techniques by way of an apprenticeship module developed as part of the programme.

The result:

The project commenced in June 2017 and will conclude November 2020.



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