Aberdeenshire Council

PROJECT: Feasibility study for low carbon filling stations

Challenge: ZCF were commissioned in October 2016 to undertake a feasibility study for Aberdeenshire Council into the opportunities for the development of Low Carbon Transport Recharging Hubs.

What we did:  The aim of the hubs was to support the wider uptake of ULEV by addressing the two common barriers: lack of knowledge about the technology, and range anxiety about the vehicles’ suitability for people’s daily lives.

The Council stated their interest in developing a re-fuelling hub for electric, hydrogen and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles which would also provide access to loan and demonstration vehicles. Our work was to undertake a thorough assessment of the existing network in Aberdeenshire, gaining an understanding of the current demand and forecasting uptake of both electric vehicles and recharging facilities.

Our first step was to analyse electric car sales data within the area supplemented with Charge Your Car membership data to allow us to see patterns of current low emission vehicle ownership in the area. We then conducted analysis of current charging data and patterns to help to understand usage and current demand. Travel patterns, demographics and housing stock was also analysed to allow us to draw conclusions on specific areas of current high use. This desk based research was also supplemented by an online survey circulated through the Council’s communications channels to gain the current understanding, perceptions and barriers to uptake of electric car amongst the local population.

Our next step was to analyse hydrogen and CNG use and the requirements needed to incorporate these fuels into one station with electric charging. We also put forward ideas for  the loan and demonstration aspects of the hubs.

All this data was then analysed to allow us to forecast future demand and put forward recommendations for the charging hubs. This information was then used to identify potential geographic locations for the hub sites.

The result: The final technical report set out EV charging demand now and in the future, assessing hot spots and making recommendations for the locations of the rapid charge hubs alongside indicative capital and running costs.

Image credit: www.energetica.uk.com


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