Zero Carbon Futures develops new EV battery training programme

by | Mar 27, 2018

A comprehensive training programme in battery technology aims to boost skills in electric vehicle technology and support UK manufacturers to remain at the forefront of EV development.

The training, which has been developed by Zero Carbon Futures in partnership with Nissan, is just one of the successful outputs of an APC research project into High Energy Density Batteries.

The APC programme, which enabled Nissan to produce high density battery technology for the new LEAF, brought together additional partners Hyperdrive, the University of Newcastle, Warwick Manufacturing Group.

During the two years of the programme, trainers at Zero Carbon Futures were given unprecedented access to new processes around battery development at the Nissan plant. The result is a skills and training programme which has been developed with real-life experience of every stage of the process and aims to boost vital skills in battery technology, manufacturing processes and design.

Although created to support existing and new staff at Nissan, the course has also been developed as open-access for the whole industry.

The six unit training course covers areas including working and operating in a clean room environment; health and safety; battery and cell technology; system design; maintenance and installing and commissioning legislation.

“The initial objective for the development of the modules was to train battery operatives at the Nissan plant and grow their skills, knowledge and understanding of EV battery manufacture. However we also see that there is also an opportunity for the training programme to support others working in this field, helping to grow skills necessary for the continuing growth of the industry, in line with government initiatives such as the Faraday Institution.” says Dr Colin Herron, MD, Zero Carbon Futures.

So far, a total of thirty Nissan staff have received this training with a further 7 undertaking a ‘Train the Trainer’ course to ensure staff development can continue to be rolled out in-house.

Jon Beasley, Director of Technology and Projects at the APC, said: “This project exemplifies the value of consortia projects, with partners working together to exploit their capabilities, both jointly and individually.”

Zero Carbon Futures administered the High Energy Density Battery programme on behalf of Nissan and partners and are now working on an APC 6 project, carrying out a similar role, developing training around new lightweight casting techniques.

About Zero Carbon Futures:

Zero Carbon Futures is an electric vehicle consultancy specialising in the roll-out of charge point networks and projects specialising in battery technology. To find out more about our work, get in touch.





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